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The Heartisan Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for teachers to gain realtime skills through roleplaying workshops, higher education courses and realtime facilitated K-12 classroom experience. 

For more information on our teaching seminars, click here: Transformational Learning 


Pre-service Teaching Internships


This video was shot and edited by a student at Southern Oregon University enrolled in the Emerging Media and Digital Arts program. 

"Thank you for your guidance and support for our capstone students on this valuable project! I'm so proud of them and thank you again for the opportunity for them to work at Ruch Community School! They learned a lot and shared many precious stories. It was an exemplary capstone project!"
Younghee Kim, Southern Oregon University, School of Education

Southern Oregon Arts and Research Fair


Our teaching interns showcasing their practicums as their final capstone pieces.


SOAR Posters 2014-2016 

Meet Mr. Katz 😺 

Abram R. Katz is the lead facilitator and program director for Heartisan Foundation's school-community partnerships. This video was edited by a first-time filmmaker in the Southern Oregon community who was significantly impacted by our trainings. 


“As a studio artist I wanted to share my latest body of work, Healing From Shame with a wider, younger audience. I am very fortunate to have been referred to Abram Katz to act as the consultant to put my idea into action. Early on, he cautioned me to be aware of the possibility of triggering some students and steered me towards sharing a toned down version of the work, which I successfully did.


There was never lag time with Mr. Katz, as he responded in a very timely manner to meeting with me and the same with follow up. He found time for us to be with students in their classroom and the schedule of activities he suggested for the hour was very helpful. Students had hands-on access to my ceramic sculpture and I brought air-dry clay in for them. Mr. Katz led a related writing exercise in which we all participated.


Mr. Katz is a keen observer and orchestrator. He role modeled deep caring for individual students and demonstrated his own vulnerability.”


~ Maren Sinclair Hurn, Ceramic Artist, Tannary Art Center, Santa Cruz, CA. 

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