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Pre and Post Surveys from the Heartisan Youth Center's 8-Week After School Creative Expression Workshop

Prepared by Sadie Barr

  • 86% of the students' school attendance increased during the program and of that group, 86% of students had zero missed days of school.

  • 100% of students had an increased in confidence in writing.  

  • 86% had an increase in confidence in art.

  • 86% had an increase in confidence in social situations.

  • 100% had an increase in confidence in self-expression. 

  • 50% of students experienced an increase in their overall happiness and wellbeing. 


Audio recordings and raw data available for grantors and select educational institutions.


Student intakes and assessments were monitored for quality and accuracy by

Abram R. Katz, E.D. Heartisan Foundation.

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