The Gentle Man



This in-school workshop series is a container for interactive dialogue about sexual assault and prevention. Conversation topics may include: masculinity and society, power and control, myths and legends, stigmas, consent, body image, self-respect, altruism, and human beings’ immense potential for growth and understanding.


At the Heartisan Foundation, we are committed to making waves, questioning the status quo, and with the utmost care, cultivating a reality we want to be a part of. Each class will be filmed in order to ignite similar conversations outside of the classroom.




Each day will consist of a short reflective journaling session, followed by an interactive dialogue on a select topic.


Day 1: Masculinity and Society – Are we puppets or do we have choice? Who created all this stuff?

Day 2: Power and Control – Can we be powerful without taking someone else’s power away? What does silence accomplish? 

Day 3: Myths and Legends – Who are the real heroes? What kind of man/woman do you want to become? Is that our choice? 

Day 4: Rehearsals - Preparing for Performance 

Day 5: Showcase - Video Performance and Class Pledge

“It’is not that we are to become secure with ourselves. More so, that we are to become comfortable being insecure.” ~Anonymous

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