Youth Center

Heartisan Youth Center

Grants Pass, Oregon

The Heartisan Center is an educational facility designed for young people, by young people, that fosters self-discovery, personal achievement, and social entrepreneurship.




Staff Development

Jackson and Josephine County

Interactive dialogue and roleplaying exercises for teachers to experience the transformative power of human connection in the classroom. Measured increases in student engagement and academic achievement, as well as teachers’ overall level of personal fulfillment and joy is one of the many outcomes of this new kind of cooperative learning approach.




Truth Be Told Podcast

Josephine and Jackson County

The Truth Be Told Podcast features the voices of our younger generation. Testimonials from youth growing up in this turbulent time, presented in an engaging, easy-to-follow format. 



School-Community Programs 

Jackson and Josephine County

The Heartisan Foundation addresses the need in schools for expressive, creative arts programming and hands-on technology training by bringing supplementary programming to local classrooms, expanding opportunities for economically disadvantaged students. 


Video Shorts

Kid Wisdom Project


The Kid Wisdom Project features youth perspectives from diverse populations. Sharing young people's wisdom with the world through cinematic and heartfelt short films.


Higher Ed.

Post-Graduate Teacher Training 

Jackson and Josephine County

HF works in collaboration with local universities and K-12 schools to bring quality arts education and social-emotional learning to the forefront of education. We empower students right alongside teachers, providing them both with the tools they need to succeed together.

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