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The Heartisan Foundation brings innovative arts programming, social-emotional learning,
integrated curricula, and​ staff development all into ​the same classroom.

We help bridge the gap between schools and community resources.

Heartisan Foundation works in cooperation with local universities and K-12 schools to bring quality arts education and social-emotional learning to the forefront of education. We empower students alongside teachers, providing them with the tools they need to succeed together

Our in-school workshops acknowledge the inherent need in public schools for intrapersonal learning as well as interpersonal communication through writing, storytelling, music and performance. We address the rising need for technology training in schools through A/V and social media production classes. By partnering with Language Arts and Social Studies teachers, we are able to bring supplementary programming into the classroom, expanding opportunities for economically disadvantaged students, and increasing student attendance and academic outcomes through student engagement. 

Heartisan Foundation curricula supports Common Core State Standards in writing and technology, integrating existing education models in creative, inspiring ways. Our unique approach to learning breathes new life into the classroom, and offers low student-to-teacher ratios via our pre-service teacher-trainings, and simultaneously provides professional staff development for in-service teachers onsite. (Please contact Administrator for detailed program reports and measured outcomes.)

Heartisan Foundation programs operate from a student-driven, team-teaching model wherein all participants benefit. One of our partnering teachers at Ruch Community School, Cindy McDonald, explains it best: 

“My students are now exhibiting more openness and acceptance in lecture, discussion, and trying something new. They take turns well. They don’t interrupt or criticize as often. It’s as if the trust built in the project has had a carryover in their relationships to each other, to me, and their academic learning. They’ve continued to respond to each other openly and with respect - with a playfulness borne of trust.”

Progress Reports

Ruch School 2014

Ruch Scool 2015


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