President / Executive Director 

Abram Katz is a passion-driven social artist with over ten years of teaching experience. Mr. Katz creates safe and structured classroom environments where students are encouraged to get to know each other and find common ground. His strength lies in his ability to assess the passions and challenges of diverse communities, and respond with dignity and inclusivity. His team-based approach to learning creates unique opportunities for students to connect with their local community, engaging everyone in the learning process, and bringing much-needed awareness of our shared human experience. Mr. Katz is committed to positive change through youth development and school-community partnerships. As Co-Founder and Music Director of Indigital Kids, a SF Bay Area educational non-profit, he brought expressive arts to underserved populations from 2005-2010. Mr. Katz works closely with the Southern Oregon University as a teaching consultant for the School of Education.




Secretary / Treasurer

Ian Villarreal has been practicing Vajrayana Buddhism since 1986. In 1994, accompanied by his wife, Jane, Ian began a historical video archive of the Tibetan wisdom transmissions that were being brought to the West. Now, with thousands of hours of logged footage, the full video archive is housed at: www.vimalavideo.org. As a student, he worked alongside other devotees at the Tashi Choling Vajrayana Dharma Center capturing audio and managing written publications, transcripts, and book edits. Ian is best know for his guerrilla-style film shooting and his kind, altruistic nature. He says, two qualities that are in no way divergent